About AWN

MCL Bhd was founded in 1994 and currently is one of the leading distributors for IT peripherals and related products, serving more than 3,500 IT dealers in Malaysia. Today the Group has exceeded $100 million revenue with 150 employees. As such, we have organized a dealer loyalty program call ALL Win Night. The All Win Night is a dealer loyalty program commenced on certain period, normally for a period of 18 months.  This program was started in year 2004. The Program was designed to reward and recognize our nation-wide dealers who have qualified themselves in this Program. Record attendance for previous year was about 500 dealers and the Night is packed with entertainments, product showcase, spot orders and lucky draws with over 30 prizes in which the main draw is a cash prize worth RM 48,888.

All Win night program will be continuously organized in the coming years. We are continuing to progress, simply because we stay focus, constantly adding values to our business partners as well as maintaining strict ethical business conducts.


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